Earthquake Act

"Sichuan earthquake, death toll: 90,000. Wait a second...that wasn’t right! It couldn’t have been 90,000. That simply wasn’t possible.

The numbers were right; it was 90,000. 90,000 people who would never again walk this earth, never again see their families, and never again talk to their friends.

Those who survived in the earthquake areas are the parents, children, relatives, and/or friends of the 90,000 people.

That is why we are doing whatever we can to help the students who survived the earthquake."

—Grace Li

Earthquake Act Timeline:

May 13-16, 2008

  • The terrible news of China’s7.9 magnitude earthquake in May 12, 2008 has horrified Grace, Sharon, and Eric Li, age 12, 11, and 7 at that time.
  • While scared and saddened by what was happening, the siblings started to think about what they could do to help.
  • They decided to help the children and families in Sichuan, China by collecting donations.
  • The three of them named their effort Earthquake Act. Everybody loved the namewhen Sharon came up with the idea.

May 17, 2008

  • The first issue of Earthquake Act was created.
  • Grace, the oldest of the three, headed the effort as “editor-in-chief” and each of them contributed stories.
  • Created donation boxes from shoe boxes.
  • Printed copies of the newsletter and distributed to their neighbors
  • Collected donations from neighbors.

May 18-28, 2008

  • Visited the Chinese Civic Center, Yaowu Zhang Art Studio, Shaolin Kung Fu Academy, J & L Dance School, and other places.
  • DistributeD the newsletter and presented their idea to adults and children in those centers.
  • Signed a third party organization agreement with American Red Cross Greater Houston chapter to help China’s Earthquake victims.
  • Contacted each of their school's counselor/teacher/principal and conducted/planned on fund raising activities in the schools.
  • Eric was invited by Mrs. Block, the Massey Ranch Elementary principal, to give a presentation to all the school faculty and staff about his effort.
  • Eric was invited by Mr. Jonathan at The Learning Skool-House afterschool to present his idea to all the students.
  • Eric and sisters created extra donation boxes for each grade level at Massey Ranch Elementary.

May 29, 2008

  • Delivered total of $717.85 collected donation to American Red Cross Greater Houston Chapter
  • Metro Back matched the amount and makes the donation equal to $1435.70

May 29-August 8, 2008

  • Helped Dr. Bin Liu organize a music concert at the Texas Medical Center.
  • Organized a poster session at the concert to introduce different aspects of the disaster.
  • Prepared and presented a slide show.
  • Organized student volunteers to distribute flyers andcollecting donations etc.
  • Raised total $3092.62 to American Red Cross Houston Chapter for the earthquake victims.
  • Organized fundraising activities in Pearland Massey Ranch Elementary, Pearland Rogers Middle School, & and Pearland Junior High South.
  • Setup donation boxes & fundraising activities in local communities such as Starbucks, Silvercreek Swimming Pool, etc.
  • Visited many local stores such as Barnes & Noble, Target, Office Depot, Home Depot, etc. and asked for contribution.
  • Collected funds from friends, family, and neighbors in the US and in China.
  • Contacted Dujiangyan, Sichuan, China and worked with the Foreign Affairs Office at Dujiangyan to arrange for a visit to deliver donations to the students.
    • Delivered$95 donation to the Red Cross
    • Collected total $1520.99 for students of Dujiangyan, Sichuan
    • Design and made bookmarks for students in Sichuan, China
    • Selected and purchased books for students in Sichuan, China

August 10-13, 2008

  • Visited Dujiangyan, Sichuan, China
  • Met with students, principals, and other people in Dujiangyan, Sichuan
  • Donated money, books, and bookmarks to 5 students that suffer severe losses from the earthquake
  • Donatedb ooks and bookmarks to Wuanchuan Middle School, a makeshift school that held 7 to be relocated elementary and middle schools

September-December, 2008

  • Created a newsletter to report the visit and the fundraisingactivities
  • Determined to help the students in Dujiangyanwith more funds and with books
  • Wrote a Grant application and submitted it to Disney Minnie Grant at Youth Service America

2009--Going Global

  • Muyun Huang of Jishou University, Jishou, Hunan, China, and Yanwen Li of of Yanchen Middle School, Yanchen, Jiangsu, China, joined the Earthquake Act team and raised funds
  • Received grant funding notification from Disney Minnie Grant in March, 2009. ( Please see 2009 list under Grace L.
  • Many fundraising activities were conducted including more than multiple bookmark sales (designed and made the bookmarks) and grocery certificate sales
  • A bookmark fair was held in The Learning Skool House on April 21 at the Global Youth Service Day and total $477.4 was raised in the fair and the subsequent bookmark sales.
  • Alexander Miao and family from We Care Act visited children and aschool in Dujiangyan, Sichuan on May 19, 2009
  • Total $1,120 was sent/brought to students in Dujiangyan, Sichuan at the Chinese New Year and around May 12, 2009, one year after the earthquake hit to help the five students we helped in 2008.
  • Alexander and family connected our organization with Dujingyan No. 1 High School,renamed as The Dujingyan Qingcheng Mountain High School, where the 2700 students need English reading materials to help improve their English which is a required subject for all students
  • Newsletter series Eclipse were created to communicate with Dujiangyan Qingcheng MountainHigh School students
  • A bookfair, multiple fundraising activieties and book drives were conducted to collect books and funds.
  • We Care Act was established as an official non-profit organization.

2010--Expansion and organization effort

  • As an official non-profit organization, our goal includes both helping the disaster victims and involving young people in community services
  • We are working with other organizations to raise funds, such as, Yahoo, etc.
  • We are working with Dujiangyan Qingcheng Mountain High School teachers to sponsor the English learning related activities for the students and/or to assist individual students with financial aid or scholarships
  • We continue working with the Foreign Affairs Office at Dujiangyan, Sichuan to help students in need of our aid the most.

* * *

“ 灾后的阴影令人颓废,巨大的疼痛压的我们喘不过气里,可就在这时,像你们这样的“慈善机构”为社会灾区做出了巨大的贡献。正因为有了你们, 又重新树立让我们重建家园的信心,正因为有了你们,我们倍感温馨,正因为有了你们,世界才变得更美丽,正因为有了你们 ” —刘启龙

Life after the quake was unbearable... At this time, charity organizations like yours made enormous contributions to the affected areas. Because of you, we gained confidence to rebuild our homes, because of you, the world becomes more beautiful, because of you...
—Liu Qi Long, 8th grade, Dujiangyan Shiju Middle School, Sichuan, China. August 2008

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